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At Tree Service Sanford, we are a licensed tree service company with decades of experience. Our company is characterized by expertise, promptness, safety and reliability.

In the Sanford community, we are known for our excellent work, and we do it at fair prices. We care deeply about being part of this community and doing our part.

We take pride in our skilled and quality work, something that our customers consistently attest to. And we love what we do, and it's always been important to us to hire people who not only have the expertise, but share that love with us.

In addition to traditional tree services, we also offer comprehensive consultation.

Do they know the exact health of your trees? Do they know if your trees can withstand the next storm? Whether your trees pose a threat to their property or human life?

These are questions that people tend not to ask.

When we think of trees, we think of nice things, like the shade they provide or the childhood memories of climbing on them, the swing that hung from them, or the tree house we built.

Moreover, trees simply spread a sense of well-being. How relaxing it is to go for a walk in a forest or to sit under a tree in our own garden. Who could think of dangers!

For the layman it is difficult to recognize whether a tree is thoroughly healthy. The layman often only notices that something is wrong when it is already too late and then only tree felling remains as a solution. Or worse, that the tree has fallen and caused serious damage!

Be smart and avoid such unfortunate scenarios. Schedule an appointment with us, preferably today. A licensed Arborist will take a close look at your trees on your property. He will also perform various tests to check the internal condition of the trees as well.

Once all the results are in, you will receive a detailed report and the arborist will explain it to you. He will then discuss with you the necessary measures to be taken. Our qualified team will then be happy to carry out these measures.

So you can enjoy your garden again, safe in the knowledge that you have done everything for the safety of you, your loved ones and your property.


Tree Removal

​Tree removal is always a big deal. Many factors must be taken into account here. Apart from the size and weight, the health of the tree also plays a role.

A tree that is already very rotten can break quickly. But also external factors, such as the proximity to buildings or power lines must be considered.

That's why it's so important to hire a licensed professional company like us. And yes, tree removal isn't cheap, but it's still a lot cheaper than a rotten tree falling on your house.

And don't be fooled by so-called cut-rate offers. These companies often do not have the necessary trained workers, have decrepit machinery and no insurance.

But why cut down a tree at all?

Cutting down a healthy tree only makes sense if it is too close to a building and threatens to cause damage there. Sometimes trees have grown too large for the property they are on and cast too much shade, so the property is always damp. This encourages many diseases that then damage the other plants. It also deprives the other plants of nutrients, so that they grow puny or not at all. If it is also too close to the house, this can cause dampness and mold in the walls.

Most often, however, a tree is cut down because it is old and rotten, diseased or severely damaged by pests. This makes perfect sense, so that it does not become a danger. Especially weakened trees, are quickly uprooted or break off during a storm. Also large and heavy rotten branches have already caused serious damage.

Before you decide to cut down a tree, have one of our certified arborists assess it again. If the tree is beyond saving, we will gladly cut it down for you.

Not only do we cut down the tree, but we also remove the stump if desired. In addition, of course, we also clean up and dispose of everything, so that hardly anything reminds you of the tree removal. If you wish, we can cut the tree into firewood.

Tree Pruning

​When most people think of tree pruning, they think of trees that have been artfully shaped. If that's what you want, we're happy to do that for you, too.

But pruning is really about maintaining the health of your trees and your garden. Regular thinning promotes the healthy growth of your trees. This includes removing dead or rotten branches and twigs. This not only promotes the health of the tree, but also means protection from falling branches.

In addition, pruning prevents uneven growth that would weaken the tree. This also provides benefits for the rest of the garden.

​A tree that is too shady has damaged many a lawn and prevented ornamental plants from growing.

In addition, regular tree pruning has the advantage that an experienced arborist can see your trees regularly and identify dangers, such as disease or pests, in time. Thus, quick action can be taken.

Another chapter is the obat tree pruning. In order to have good harvests with healthy tasty fruit, it is necessary to prune the fruit trees regularly.

By the way, we prune not only trees, but also shrubs and hedges. We will be glad to inform you about our full offer for your garden.

Stump Grinding

You have old tree stumps on your property? Are you annoyed by them every time you mow the lawn? How good that there is Tree Service Sanford! With our professional and powerful machines, this problem will quickly become a thing of the past.

But why is it so important to remove tree stumps?

Apart from being a source of danger, they magically attract pests. These, in turn, then often do not spare your healthy plants. Diseases and fungi are also attracted to the old tree stump and, last but not least, spread throughout the garden.

Besides all these reasons, old stumps decrease the value of your property and are simply not a pretty sight.

When we're done with the stump, all that's left is sawdust.

There are two types when it comes to tree stump removal.

In the first and less expensive variation, the stump is chipped and removed to below ground level. In the second variation, the root system is also destroyed. This is, of course, much more time-consuming and therefore more expensive. Which solution is the right one for you is best discussed with one of our experts. Either way, afterwards you will have a smooth surface again, which you can design according to your wishes.

By the way, if you have brush, branches and twigs, we also have a shredder. The resulting mulch can be used in your garden.

All in one hand!

We at Tree Service Sandford offer you all services around your trees, shrubs and hedges. So why hire different companies? Often one hand does not know what the other is doing. We really care about the well-being of your plants. That's why it's natural for us to invest in our employees and our machines.

What is the advantage for you?

Because our employees are licensed and receive regular training, they are not only up to date with the latest knowledge and skills, but also do all the work safely, efficiently and to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Modern machines offer safety, speed and accuracy. They are also more environmentally friendly than old, oily machines.

Safety is an important issue for us. Trees in particular are a special risk due to their size and weight. That's why we have a 24/7 emergency service for you. Because if a tree is threatening to fall, haste is required to prevent the worst. But even if it's already fallen, quick and safe removal can prevent worse.

And please, don't try your hand at lumberjacking yourself! Too many people have already suffered serious injuries or even lost their lives as a result. Losses that are irreparable!

We are also happy to advise you in advance on what measures you can take to secure your trees from the next storm.

As you can see, your safety and the well-being of your plants is in very good hands with us. We are looking forward to your call and to count you among our satisfied customers.​​

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