Tree Removal & Tree Pruning

It is impossible to imagine our landscape and gardens without trees. They provide shade, radiate relaxation, provide us with oxygen, and are often an adventure playground for children. At Tree Service Sanford, we are committed to preserving your trees. Our experienced arborists closely examine your trees. Sometimes just giving the right nutrients or pesticides is enough to keep your trees healthy.

However, there are also situations where the tree becomes a hazard and therefore must be cut down. These include too much disease or pest infestation. This weakens the tree so much that falling branches or even the tree falling over during a storm becomes a danger. A falling tree and even falling branches can become a danger to life and often cause major damage to buildings or vehicles.

In addition, the diseases or pests can also spread to the other trees and plants. Old, rotten trees also pose a danger, and not only during storms.

Sometimes a tree has been planted too close to a building or power lines. Now that it has grown, its branches damage the building or utility lines.

​In any case, you should not take tree cutting into your own hands. Many a layman has suffered serious injuries or even lost his life.

At Tree Service Sanford, we have skilled workers and are a certified company. We also have the necessary machinery and decades of experience.


It's best to schedule an appointment with us. A certified arborist will look at your trees on site. Not only does he inspect your trees, he also performs tests to determine the internal health of your trees. When the test results are in, he explains them to you and what action is needed. After consulting with you, we carry out all the measures.

There are two different ways to cut down a tree. The first method is to saw it down piece by piece from above. This method is preferred especially in residential areas where there is often little space. The second method is to cut the tree as a whole. This method is mainly used in forests or open areas.

When the tree is cut down, we can dispose of it for you or, if you wish, we can turn it into firewood. We can shred the smaller branches and twigs for you so they can be used as mulch. We can remove the stump or grind it into small pieces. To learn more, check out our Stump Grinding page. For us, service is not just a word and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Another area of our offer is the so-called tree pruning.

Basically, regular pruning promotes tree health. It is a valuable maintenance measure that promotes the health, vitality and longevity of trees.

Tree pruning involves the removal of diseased, dead or damaged branches. This improves the overall well-being of the trees and stimulates new growth. Our certified arborists have the experience and knowledge of proper pruning techniques to best promote the health of their trees.

Another consideration is the structural integrity of the trees. By removing weak, crossing or rubbing branches, we stabilize the tree. This minimizes the risk of branch breakage during storms. It also allows us to promote even growth, which also benefits the stability of the tree.

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